MCA is a specialist investment consultant. Our focus is on the wholesale market (charities, community trusts, councils, Iwi and superannuation schemes).  We also publish a range of articles (class advice) for individuals, but do not advise individuals.  

Details of our investment consulting services are:

  • Investment policy development and review
  • Investment objective development and review
  • Investment strategy development and review
  • Investment manager structure determination
  • Investment manager evaluation and selection
  • Performance analysis, research and evaluation
  • Training and education.

Investment policy development and review

MCA assists clients in the development of their investment policies, encompassing the investment objectives, constraints, guidelines and strategies. As part of the development process, clients are assisted in the assessment of the liabilities, cash flow needs, tax and risk issues and the impact of the requirements of the Trustee Act.  Resulting policy statements are practical and act as a reference frame for ongoing decisions in the overall investment management process.

Investment objective development and review

MCA assists clients in the determination of investment return objectives, that are both practicable and achievable and are consistent with the client’s liabilities, cash flow position and risk profile.  We focus on ensuring that they translate into everyday language.

Investment strategy development and revieW

MCA assists clients in the identification of the investment sectors that are appropriate and then, using such sectors, helps formulate the long-term benchmark strategy to meet the investment objectives within the client’s risk profile and policy constraints.

Investment manager structure determination

MCA assists clients in the identification of the appropriate investment manager structure to implement optimally the investment strategy, so that the objectives are met efficiently.  As part of this process, we identify, in the context of the client’s needs, the advantages and disadvantages of balanced and specialist managers, single and multiple manager arrangements, individually managed and pooled arrangements, and passive and active management.

Investment manager evaluation and selection

MCA assists clients in the evaluation of the people, the investment process, the business management and the performance of current and prospective managers.  Where appropriate, we follow a process that ensures that clients consider all relevant aspects and that investment managers are evaluated consistently. MCA has a number of proprietary processes and products, which have been developed and tested over the years, to assist clients in this process.  We do not believe in 'beauty parades', as being the basis of a manager’s appointment.

Performance analysis, research and evaluation

MCA helps clients monitor their decisions, policies and managers.   MCA believes that a regular and consistent monitoring process is important to the ongoing development of investment policies.  For this purpose, we have developed a series of analytical tools and report formats to help clients understand the performance (quantitative) and what is happening with their manager (qualitative).  Our analysis is tailored to the needs of the client and presented in a readable, non-mathematical and practical format.

Training and education

MCA runs “trustee” training workshops on fiduciary responsibilities in the investment area and educational seminars on specific investment issues/developments as required.  Such seminars are designed to be user friendly and interactive and, where appropriate, client specific.