The Bucket approach to investing

When it comes to investing, the “bucket” approach is a good way to think about your investment strategy

Achieving the benefits of an additional 1%

When it comes to retirement savings, we are better-off if we save or earn an extra 1%.

It’s a Stock Picker’s Market

Whatever the market environment, the shares you invest in have to be picked.


An overview of New Zealand Superannuation

The Retirement Income Challenge

How do you convert savings into income to meet your retirement expenditure?

Simplicity’s Guaranteed Income Fund

Our view

Investing to achieve an investor’s needs

Successful investment outcomes don’t just happen, they are planned

Keeping investing simple

When investing, there are advantages in keeping things practical and simple, and focused on the end goal

Low Interest Rate Options

Is it better to invest in bank deposits, bonds or shares? How you invest is one of the key determinants of the ultimate return that you receive.