About Us


Two phrases capture the philosophy of MCA:

“helping organisations make better decisions through smart mathematical analysis and strategic thought”

We believe that the foundation of good decisions is research and analysis of both hard information and soft information (eg people, motivation and culture).  This research lets judgements be made and strategic thought to be developed.  We are evidenced based.

"ensuring clients receive maximum value recognition for the benefit arrangements and initiatives they undertake" 

We believe that the best designed benefit programmes will fail in their objectives, if not managed and communicated well.


MCA provides consulting and advisory services in the areas of:

  • Actuarial
  • Investment
  • Superannuation and employee benefits.

In addition, MCA provides superannuation administration and record keeping services.


MCA was formed in April 1998 by Michael Chamberlain and is owned by the family interests of the principals Michael.  

MCA advises several of the major companies and organisations in New Zealand.  References and client details are available as appropriate. 

It is appreciated that the reputation and therefore the long-term success of MCA, is built on the work it undertakes for its clients.

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The only fees we receive are those paid direct by the client.  We do not and will not, receive any income by way of commissions and profit share etc.  Our philosophy is to ensure that we are transparent in our fees and deliver value for money to clients.  

As a professional consulting firm, we normally charge on a time and material basis for consulting roles and a fixed fee basis for administration services. 

The fixed fee for administration would cover the agreed standard administration services.  The fixed fee is agreed with each client once the full details of the nature of the service required is known following discussion.  Any additional or optional administration services required are then charged on a time and materials basis.  

In addition to the time-based fee and any administration fixed fee, we charge disbursements at cost.  Disbursements would include airfares, accommodation, couriers etc.